Wednesday, April 21, 2010

9 by Design's Novogratz home

Their new book, Downtown Chic. Get it here

Indoor basketball court and exercise room

The kitchen

Twin girls, Tallulah & Bellamy's room

Twin boys, Five & Holleder's room

Baby Major's room

One of my new favorite shows is Bravo's 9 by Design. Robert and Cortney Novogratz, began their design career by remolding their own home-- and quickly realized that people loved their style and wanted them to do it for them as well. And before they knew it they were in business, Sixx Design was born in 1995 (they only had 6 kids then!).
Their speciality: finding funky spaces (one project was formerly a gun shop) and transforming them into beautiful family homes. Neither of them is trained as a designer, Robert was a stockbroker and Cortney, an actress, but their unorthodox approach is fresh. The guiding philosophy is that "there are no rules," so therefore no mistakes. Their style is eclectic and casual, and definitely kid-friendly. They mix modern art with bouncy seats, Ikea rugs with iconic mid-century pieces, and rare flea market finds.

And on top of that...they have 7 kids under the age of 13!

This just made my day!

I was just about to shut everything down and call it a night, when I decided to take a quick peek at one of my very favorite blogs... The Neo-Traditionalist. And leave it to her to have found the coolest iPhone app around. POST by Gadabout allows you to design and send notes/invitations and send them via SMS or email. Genius! I just wrote myself a To-Do list for tomorrow...on my very own monogrammed notepad and emailed it to myself! The whimsical illustrations and and punchy color combinations make the list a little less daunting...
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