Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Clementine Art

W e are so excited to be offering Clementine Art products in our store!! Clementine Art makes high quality art supplies that are all natural, certified non-toxic and environmentally friendly. All of the ingredients are listed right on the side of the box, which is made from 80% post consumer recycled and reusable materials.

Started by an art teacher in Boulder, CO who wondered if non-toxic art supplies, which usually wound up all over her tiny students, were as harmless as they claimed to be...with their chemicals, dyes and additives. So, she took to her kitchen and began to whip up natural paint and play dough from simple ingredients, like flour, earth colorings and water...And Clementine Art was born! "Clementine Art introduces a new way of doing art with children. Our inviting, open-ended materials encourage children to create real art. Our fresh and natural art supplies support the healthy development of your child." Now that's art you can feel good about!


  1. I absolutely adore your store, you have such a wonderful collection of beautiful things. I did a blog post on Le Cirque today...check it out! www.yourstylescout.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you so much!!! I am truly flattered! I am pretty new to this whole blog world...but am having so much fun! Thanks again for your support.


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